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“Everyone Blames Me” – new report on barriers to justice for sexual assault survivors in India
IDSN, Nov 17, 2017
Survivors of rape and other forms of sexual assault in India face severe barriers to justice and are not receiving the support that the State are obligated to offer them, finds a new report by Human Rights Watch. The report raises particular concern for ‘low caste’ survivors and other marginalised groups. »
UN Expert criticizes India’s sanitation drive for exacerbating manual scavenging
IDSN, Nov 14, 2017
UN Expert Léo Heller has stated that the failure to end the practice of manual scavenging in India coupled with the construction of more non-flush toilets, is contributing to an increase in the discriminatory practice of manual scavenging. »
IDSN Roadmap to the UNOHCHR Guidance tool on Descent-Based Discrimination
IDSN, Nov 9, 2017
IDSN published a Roadmap to the UNOHCHR Guidance Tool on Descent-Based Discrimination: Key challenges and strategic approaches to combat caste-based discrimination and analogous forms of discrimination. »
Urgent Appeal for Action – Dalit Professor attempted killed in need of immediate protection
IDSN, Nov 8, 2017
The HRDA-India has issued an urgent appeal for the protection of Professor Kancha Shepherd – political analyst, human rights activist and one of India’s most prominent Dalit thinkers. He was allegedly attempted killed in his car.... »
Urgent Appeal for Action – Death threats and withdrawal police protection for Dalit human rights activist
IDSN, Nov 2, 2017
The HRDA-India has issued an urgent appeal for action to protect Dalit human rights defender Mr. Rajat Kalsan. Mr. Kalsan is working to help Dalits gain justice and protection from abuses as a lawyer and activist in Haryana state. »
UN water and sanitation expert to visit India in November
IDSN, Oct 26, 2017
The UN Special Rapporteur will visit India to examine the extent to which people’s rights to safe drinking water and sanitation are being realized. IDSN and Jan Sahas made a joint submission drawing attention to the inhuman practice of manual scavenging that persists in India. »
MEPs call on EU Presidents to address caste discrimination at the EU-India summit
IDSN, Oct 20, 2017
A cross-party group of MEPs has sent an open letter to the Presidents of the European Council and of the European Commission, calling on them to address caste discrimination directly at the October EU-India Summit. »
Indian Government responds to UN rights review – accepts key recommendations on caste but not on ensuring space for civil society
IDSN, Oct 9, 2017
India has accepted 9 UPR-recommendations concerning caste-based discrimination, but none of the recommendations related to protecting civil society space and amending the foreign contributions act. »
Campaign and new report highlight caste discrimination in schools
IDSN, Oct 9, 2017
Dalit children being made to sit and eat separately from other children, being beaten, abused and forced to do humiliating tasks, form part of the cases highlighted in the report Exclusion in Schools – A Study on Practice of Discrimination and Violence. »
Indian men 'beaten up over moustaches'
BBC News, Oct 4, 2017
Some Indians are changing their avatars on Twitter and WhatsApp in support of two men attacked for having moustaches. A young man in Gujarat went to the police and accused some upper caste men of beating him up because he'd grown a moustache. Also, his cousin was knifed, reportedly by the same men. »

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