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SCs/STs (PoA) Act: Implementation in Tamil Nadu 2016
HRF Media, Apr 25, 2018
A status report on the implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act in Tamil Nadu was released by the Tamil Nadu Right to Information Campaign. The Strategic Multi-Actor Round Table (SMART) was attended by over 50 participants. »
Dutch PM Mark Rutte urged to take up Hindu extremism in talks with PM Modi
National Herald, 23 mei 2018
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been asked to take up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi increasing attacks on minorities and Dalits by Hindu extremist groups during the Netherlands’ leader 2-day visit to India beginning Thursday. »
Caste-based politics returns to India as Dalits seek equality
Financial Times, May 14, 2018
Discrimination abounds despite Modi's election pledge to create equal opportunities. As Mr Modi enters the fifth year of his first term, rising Dalit anger and alienation have raised serious questions about whether the BJP can still count on strong support from the Dalit community as India heads towards national elections next year. »
Report: Dalit men, women and children enslaved in India’s brick making industry
IDSN, May 3, 2018
A new report by Anti-Slavery International documents widespread slavery in India’s brick making industry and finds that the majority of workers are Dalits. Whole families, including small children, work 9-12 hour days in debt-bondage. »
Dalits protest Supreme Court ruling diluting legislation meant to protect them
IDSN, Apr 13, 2018
A ruling by the Supreme Court of India, diluting the provisions related to anticipatory bail and immediate arrest under the SCs and STs (PoA) Act has sparked mass protest. The protesters have been met with police brutality.... »
UN human rights chief disturbed by discrimination against Dalits in India
IDSN, Mar 12, 2018
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, said he is disturbed by discrimination and violence directed at Dalits and concerned that criticism of the government is met by claims that it constitutes sedition or a threat to national security. »
UN Report: Average Dalit woman dies 14.6 years younger than women from dominant castes
IDSN, Feb 28, 2018
A new UN report finds that a woman’s caste in India increases her exposure to mortality because of intersectional discrimination, poor sanitation and inadequate healthcare. The report examines progress and challenges in the implementation of all Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. »
Indian budget falls far short on allocations for Dalits
IDSN, Feb 12, 2018
The Dalit community’s analysis of the the 2018 budget of the Government of India shows that less than half of the required amount has been allocated for schemes mean to benefit Dalits and Adivasis in India. »
Urgent Appeal: Dalit activists brutally assaulted, arrested and detained by police
IDSN, Feb 12, 2018
Dalit activists are brutally assaulted, arrested and detained by police for seeking action on encroachment of public property in Kochi, Kerala. Among them representatives and supporters of the Dalit Land Rights’ Organization. »
“Everyone Blames Me” – new report on barriers to justice for sexual assault survivors in India
IDSN, Nov 17, 2017
Survivors of rape and other forms of sexual assault in India face severe barriers to justice and are not receiving the support that the State are obligated to offer them, finds a new report by Human Rights Watch. The report raises particular concern for ‘low caste’ survivors and other marginalised groups. »

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