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Republic Of Fear: ‘India is hostile to its weakest and poor, there is no justice for them’
The Polis Project, Oct 15, 2018
India has always been a profoundly violent country. The routinized violence experienced by the country's marginalized - Dalits, Muslims, Adivasi, poor, women - is not only denied but also hidden behind a language of neutrality. »
EU high-representative calls the UN NGO Committee “hostile to civil society interests, particularly … caste discrimination”
IDSN, Oct 8, 2018
“A critical mass of members of the NGO Committee is hostile to civil society interests, particularly in sensitive areas such as caste discrimination.” »
Sanitation worker deaths spark protests demanding an end to manual scavenging in India
IDSN, Sep 26, 2018
This past month it has been uncovered that in the Delhi municipality alone, there has been an alarmingly high number of deaths of sanitation workers. Activists are sending the message that the caste-based practice must end now.»
IDSN engages with the 39th Session of the UN Human Rights Council
IDSN, Sep 26, 2018
IDSN engaged with the 39th Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), held from 10 to 28 September 2018. IDSN delivered statements, lobbied Member States and OHCHR staff and met with the High Commissioner and the NGO Committee. »
Senior UN official raises concern over the ‘de facto’ rejection of ECOSOC status for IDSN
IDSN, Sep 20, 2018
In his address to the HRC, the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights raised concern over the “repeated deferrals and apparent lack of transparency amounting to a de facto rejection on the granting of IDSN’s UN consultative status.” »
Modi Govt Has Not Released a Single Rupee for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers
The Wire, Aug 31, 2018
Since it came to power, the Modi government has not released a single rupee for the rehabilitation of manual scavengers. Not only that, the government is yet to spend almost half of the funds released by the previous UPA government. »
India: MRG & IDSN strongly condemn latest arrests of prominent human rights defenders
IDSN, Aug 31, 2018
Five prominent Indian human rights activists were arrested during simultaneous police raids, as part of an investigation into events earlier this year during a Dalit commemoration. They follow a wider crackdown on activists in recent months. »
Activists’ arrest: It's a more serious situation in country than Emergency, says Arundhati Roy
The Hindu, Aug 28, 2018
Following the arrests of civil rights activists and lawyers on Tuesday, writer Arundhati Roy said the situation in the country could become “more serious” than it was at the time of the Emergency in the mid-1970s. »
The UK fails to ensure legal protection against caste discrimination
IDSN, Aug 20, 2018
The UK Government has decided that despite reports commissioned by the Government itself finding evidence of caste-based rights violations in the UK, caste will not be included as a protected characteristic alongside race, religion and ethnicity in the UK Equalities Act. »
Manual Scavenging Is Outlawed, Yet It’s A Humiliating Reality For Millions of Dalits
Youth Ki Awaaz, Aug 15, 2018
‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ is a very open and common aphorism, taught since childhood. But why is this practice of godliness confined to one particular community, namely the Dalits to be more precise? »
EU High Representative asked to outline how the EU intends to support IDSN’s application for UN consultative status
IDSN, Aug 15, 2018
The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, has been asked by Member of the European Parliament, Jean Lambert, to .... »
Why Dalits are wary of a diluted Atrocities Act
LiveMint, Jul 31, 2018
The growing crimes against the community, low conviction rates, and a sense of disenchantment with NDA may all be contributing to Dalit anger. »
Violence against India’s Dalit women on the increase
Asia Times, Jul 23, 2018
Women of the Dalit community, the lowest caste in Hindu society, are often victims of violent acts that frequently go unpunished . »
Women subjected to caste-based attacks in India call on the UN to act
IDSN, Jul 13, 2018
UN side-event hears cases of caste-based violence against Dalit women in India where UN and legal experts respond with calls for action. The report Voices Against Caste Impunity: Narratives of Dalit Women in India, was also released at the event. »
UN rights chief references the unjust 10-year deferral of IDSN’s application for UN accreditation
IDSN, Jun 15, 2018
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has presented his Annual Report to the UN HRC. The report features concern over the continuous deferral of applications for UN consultative status from civil society organisations. »

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